Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rtistick Clothing Supports #DopeDenim !!!

Check it out, My homie Reanna Oliver doing her thang with the custom destroyed jeans. She's definitely making a name for herself around the bay area. i definitely support the hustle. ladies if you like what you see follow her on twitter at @Reanna_NoMic or look her up on facebook! if you like custom & original clothing check out #DopeDenim!!! Her is Reanna and a couple of #SatisfiedCustomers.
@Reanna_NoMic #DopeDenim

Satisfied Customer

Satisfied Customer
Satisfied Customer


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Limited Sizes

Limited Sizes Left! Yall Better Hurry Up And Cop Yours! This Is The LAST of The First Shipment!!
Ladies Tanks: Sm-3, Med-1, XL-1. Ladies Vnecks: Med-2, Lg-1, XL-2. Men Crew: Sm-3 & Lg-2. Better get em!!

Support! Its Moving !!

Breanna Major Supporting Rtistick Clothing!
Merna Supporting!!!
My Sister & I Rockin' Hard ! Swagggg!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coming Soon

Cotton Candy Slate "Small City Big Dreams"
Black Lagoon "Small City Big Dreams"
Winter Fresh "Small City Big Dreams"
Black Pink Lagoon "Small City Big Dreams"

Rtistick Clothing Supporters !

I Am Rtistick !
Arkansas State's Anthony Kincy Rocks His "Small City Big Dreams" Tee Shirt! Hardly Home But Always Reppin! Thanks For The Love!
Aquaiel Troupe Rockin Her Tank In Tampa !
Robert Woodall, My Web Designer! Supporting In New Mexico!!
Ray Free Supporting in Gainesville!!
Marcus Carter Supporting In Gainesville !
Yhasmin Hillman On A Sunny Day In St.Pete! It's A Good Day To Support Rtistick Clothing !!

Business So Far

Business for Rtistick Clothing has been great so far. we reached supporters in Boston, Gainesville, Arkansas, Tampa, Louisville, and Oregon! Also Locally St.Petersburg is showing major love! Its been such a blessing to come this far and its only the beginning. KEEP SUPPORTING RTISTICK CLOTHING! look forward to some new colors coming out around November!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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